A few months ago I shared a blog post about being 65 and not feeling old, and that in fact the OMS supposedly says we are still young. Jogging, feeling my life is good and not having any major health issues.

Don’t be misled; I’m no Dorian Gray. A five-year-old girl just had a look at my sagging upper arms and declared them to be “squishy”!

Another of my recent posts was about being scatterbrained, and that for certain has been more and more of a reality as the years go by. I’d be ashamed to tell you how many times I’ve forgotten my keys in the last little bit…

New Diagnosis

Then, wham! I learn I have osteoporosis. Oops, that starts with an “o” like “old”. I am reminded that one more disadvantage of being white or Caucasian is having a greater likelihood of losing considerable bone density. Causes are 70% genetic and 30% diet and exercise, mostly.

No more morning jogging! No more crunches! OK, at least I can continue with power walks. If I want to buy an exercise bike, I’m told, it’s best to find the kind with a back rest to take care of the old spine.

Another new no-no tells me I shouldn’t lift heavy objects, like the huge bottles we use for drinking water in Mexico. So what am I meant I do when I want to bring a packed suitcase downstairs?

Where to Now?

A brunette woman pointing out to the sky at Rancho Santa Fe

It’s just as well I’ve always been pretty good at eating dairy products and then taking calcium/vitamin D supplements for years. But now it’s time to be even more conscientious about all that. Of course, there’s quite a few other calcium rich goodies I can stock up on, too. (Note: In Mexico I find amaranth easy to find, in snacks and more. It seems to be harder to find north of the border.)

They say “it’s all in the mind”. Not exactly, but a lot of it. Then there’s the spiritual angle, and I just love the way Paul said it:  

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

Yep, the inner self can be renewed or made “younger” daily, but we’ve got to keep the outer one in good shape as well as possible! So, that all-around workout means, for me:

  • Getting that good heart-nutrition with my daily dose from God’s word.
  • Doing a double check on getting my calcium and vitamin D with my diet and more. Watching the caffeine intake, as that can affect calcium absorption. A cup of coffee daily, or two, max!
  • Put on those tennis shoes to get a few kilometers under my feet, as many days as possible.
  • Get those arms in better shape with those little weights I’ve been less-than-faithful with.
  • Last, but not least, keep my mind and fingers busy, writing up a storm!

Here’s wishing all of you “renewed youth”, whatever young means to you!