Several waterfalls cascading down in a tropical forest

When I was single, I had the adventure of a lifetime, at least for me at that point in my life. Sarah, a woman of perhaps 70 years of age, was heading to Colorado from North Dakota, and since I needed a ride south, she invited me along. She was such a free, loving spirit! It was fun learning to drive her small RV. The highlight of our journey was a drive through the rolling Black Hills of South Dakota and a visit to the towering monument of Mount Rushmore. As we left, I confessed to Sarah, “I’d like to come here for my honeymoon!” Sarah laughed, and said, “You don’t need a honeymoon as an excuse to come back!” She had never been married, but that didn’t stop her from doing what others might relegate to “someday”.

Most of us have a mental list of things we’d like to do… one of these days. When we find the time, we’ll drop in on some of those lonely elderly friends. Perhaps when we retire, we can volunteer to build houses for Habitat or go visit the Iguazu Falls in South America. Then there’s “Someday I’d like to write a book”. But those things are so relegated to “the land of maybe” that they never happen.

Do you have a collection of “someday” belongings? There’s that spanking-new outfit or pair of boots you couldn’t resist buying, but want to use when the right occasion comes. The expensive perfume you received on your anniversary, but haven’t dared open yet. The few china teacups you inherited, too fragile to risk using for just any day. And that “someday” you’re waiting for hasn’t arrived.

Having become a widow recently, I try not to dwell on my regrets, but it’s true that there are quite a few of those “someday” items that went unused and dreams that we never got around to accomplishing. Now it’s time to be reminded once more that, as they say, there’s no time like the present.

It doesn’t have to be January to start making a few changes. Today, throw out the excuses and plan that tea party with a couple of friends, to use those china cups. Don’t forget to dab on some of that perfume! Today, decide to volunteer with that organization you admire, even during your week off, and send them an e-mail. Today, start saving and planning for that trip to Iguazú Falls. Today, sign up for that writer’s course that will get you started on your book.

Carpe diem: Sieze the day!

Remember, I’m the preacher who first preaches to him or herself…

See you there!